When I first heard about colorpuncture, I looked all over for something that could really explain it to me. Unfortunately, there are not many resources online explaining it, which was surprising. How could something that has been so effective with no side effects, that extends what can be done with a widely used and accepted energetic treatment like acupuncture, have so little information accessible? So what is colorpuncture?

Colorpuncture blends Eastern medicine and esoteric healing with cutting-edge research in quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics and biophysics.

Light is the medicine of the future
But it is also our oldest medicine

Our study of biology is beginning to acknowledge how fields, energies and information shape and direct life.

Living things are comprised mostly of water, however this water is not like the bulk water we are accustomed to. Biological water has amazing properties including the ability to form coherent quantum, crystalline states, enabling instantaneous information transfer throughout the body.

Colorpuncture can be used to balance and clarify the information that runs through your crystalline water structure (and bioenergetic field), and modulate the signals between your cells and to your consciousness.

The woefully incomplete and misaligned Wikipedia article on Colorpuncture claims there is no scientific support for the efficacy of colorpunture, yet links to a study that says:

“The two aspects indicate that colorpuncture acts on a holistic level. Colorpuncture probably affects the entire body almost instantaneously… Colorpuncture sessions also provided relief to the subject.”

While acupuncture deals with energy, colorpuncture deals with energy and information and provides layer that can make it a much more active tool for healing. It can be especially useful in it’s ability to bring up memories and emotional patterns. In the context of psychotherapy we can learn how we may need to shift to grow.

Everyone I know that has committed to a practice of colorpuncture finds it remarkably valuable. We understand the power that our thoughts and beliefs have on our wellbeing and experience. Color is a tool to clarify, train and enhance the ability.

Over 15 years dealing with severe depression led me to trying everything imaginable, from pharmaceuticals and talk therapy to exercise and supplements, alternative therapies, every diet trend you could think of, meditation, microdosing and more.

While some of these helped me to cope and get through my life better than others, nothing came close to Colorpuncture in addressing the underlying causes — the programs and patterns, stuck and misdirected energy that were so greatly limiting my life and experience.

For those people willing to seek the light, commit to themselves and put in the work, colorpuncture is a tool that can empower you to accomplish anything. 

We’ve created a kit to make the healing power of colored light accessible to everyone!

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    1. There are some courses and programs as well as a few books. Some foundational knowledge about chromotherapy as a healing modality came from researching light therapies more broadly as well as some reading related to sciences behind acupuncture and eastern medicine, energy healing and vibrational medicine, human biofield, structured water, etc.

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