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Are you struggling with finding meaning or purpose in your life? Are you struggling to find the energy you feel you should have? Do you wish you could find more joy in what you do? Do you even know what you want to do and commit your time to?

I never gave much credence to energetic healing and other esoteric subjects, but I was also miserable and physically and mentally ill. I was completely lost and disengaged from my life.

I learned the hard way that we cannot discount that which we cannot see, especially when we are looking for answers to the questions most intrinsic to life. Through the experiences of others, a long history of energy medicine, and some cutting edge research, there is so much to be gained by opening up your mind to power of considering our energetic self when trying to achieve holistic wellbeing.

The RYL Community is here to help you remember the light in you so we can all help the whole world shine a little brighter. We’re now on Telegram to promote easier interaction!
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Keep an open mind and your comments positive. That doesn’t mean you can’t share emotional or challenging experiences, but that you should never judge or put anyone down. We’re all here to remember our light and help each other shine.