When you feel stuck or uncomfortable
and are unsure what to do
or where to go next,

Do you…

Stall or distract yourself so you don’t have to make a decision?

Do you…

Get exhausted just from the thought of having to decide what to do or figure out something new?

Do you…

Find an escape like a video game, movie, tv show or other activity that you may even consider “self-care?”

Do you…

Research your options and assess every aspect of your decision, so that…

It weighs you down and makes no decision feel totally right?

It keeps you from taking action as you continuously ponder your choices?

Do you…

Ask others what you should do or read opinions online so that you offload the responsibility of choosing what is right for yourself and the consequences of your decision?

Do you…

Pray to or ask an external entity to provide you guidance?

Do you…

Make impulsive decisions that you later regret?

Do you…

Find it difficult to get unstuck?

What can you do to make progress easier?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with any of these options. However, it is possible that if you resort to these, that you may have trouble getting unstuck or moving forward in life.

Being stuck or frozen in place is, unfortunately, a natural consequence of our modern lives. It does not at all mean that you are indecisive or lacking in any way.

There are so many things that cause us stress: hectic schedules; work, family and social pressure; lack of sleep; fasting or too much exercise or difficult to digest foods; environmental stressors; lack of fresh air and sunlight; etc.

Because our bodies are under continual stress and are unable to downregulate after experiencing stress to balance out our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system responses – this will cause us to enter a “freeze” state. And so we get stuck.

We’re not able to move forward or process our emotions properly. We may be overly emotional or become dissociated and disconnected. We may even swing between these two states. We may suffer from anxiety, mood swings, depression, self-doubt, lack of clarity / disconnection from our inner guidance, lack of trust and the loss of feelings of safety.

This is the endocrine pattern of colorpuncture. Color can be used to regulate this cycle and help us to break out so that we can move forward, better connect with our inner guidance and expand our awareness of self.

In lieu of colorpuncture, we can realize that it’s easier to act than to control our emotional response and our thoughts about something. If you are struggling with being stuck, don’t think too much about why or what to do, don’t run away from taking a step in any direction – just do something.

Nike wants us to think we need to know the exact thing we need to do. But life is not about doing “it” – the best we can do most of the time is to Do Something.

Once you do something, you start to break that cycle and you have the opportunity to learn about yourself and what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t like what you’re doing, now you have that information and you can try something else.

It’ll also make you feel a lot better that you are moving forward and exchanging your energy with the world in a creative way. It’s an important exercise of our power.

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