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Get started with light therapy!

Learn how to use the power of light to better understand yourself and the patterns and blockages that show up in how you live your life. Light therapy has helped me completely shift my reality from one of restlessness, confusion and despair, struggling with ‘mental illness’ and lack of direction, to one in which I’m a powerful and active creator of my experience. Learn more about my story or check out the article on ‘Why Light Therapy.’

This kit is perfect for personal use and with family and friends, but can also be an incredible asset to psychologists or other mental health therapists for encouraging expedited and more profound transformations in your clients.

Many color therapy tools can cost upwards of $1,000 for a complete set of colors. I set out to create an affordable option so anyone can experience the incredible power of these fascinating treatment systems for themselves and their families. The guide alone will provide so much value by walking you through a proven process and saving you time and energy having to figure out where to start on your own.

While there are steps you can take without a kit, this tool will allow you to explore an incredibly vast array of treatments and probe into what is holding you back from many angles. The basic kit will come with 10 main colors used in Peter Mandel’s extensively researched colorpuncture system, but to make this accessible I have leveraged the practical concepts of Spectrochrome color therapy, which has been around even longer.

This is not professionally manufactured. It’s something I’ve put together myself. Because of the cost of the filters and tools needed to construct, it wouldn’t really make sense for you to DIY, though. I’ve been using this tool almost exclusively and found it to be on par with medical-grade devices and even some areas where it seems to outperform other tools.

I have recently thought about the term “treatment” related to colorpuncture. While the practice is laid out in “treatments” I think they could be better characterized as techniques, because this still puts the responsibility on your hands to actively use the tool to get the most out of it, rather than just expecting the light will do something to you. It is a tool to help you shine light on your patterns and where you have stuck or distorted energy keeping you from living your best life.


Kit includes:

User guide including several powerful techniques to get you started!

Light source:

  • High CRI LED Penlight with 3 brightness settings and UV*


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Crimson
  • Light Green
  • Turquoise
  • Rose
  • Blue Turquoise
  • Extra cap for UV focusing

Comes with hard-shell, zipper travel case

We also offer a complete set, including a gray filter expansion.

*Due to product availability from the manufacturer, the pictured penlight is no longer shipped with kits. The new penlight is very similar, but about half as long.

NOTE: If you have a concern about shipping cost, let me know. Right now I have flat rate prices for U.S. domestic shipping, Canada and then for all other international sites. Depending on where you are, contact me and we can work something out.

Additional information

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 7.09 × 4.41 × 1.61 cm

10 reviews for RYL Color Therapy Kit

  1. Steve K

    I’m loving my light kit! I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and I’m starting to get more consistent with my practice. I feel good. I’m starting to recognize patterns that have been holding me back and I feel like my light is helping me break through these mental blocks. The kit itself is well made and I’m very happy with the quality overall. The guide has been extremely useful too. The introduction alone was packed with information and reaffirmed my decision to buy this kit! Keep the content coming RYL!

  2. Laura (verified owner)

    Color therapy is my new love!! I found this kit because Scott mentioned it in a group I belong to and I am so happy he did. I ordered immediately and have had a chance to work on people and my dog! My dog has been having trouble since we moved and very few things help except acupuncture and color therapy. It’s not harsh to her body and I feel she recognizes the frequencies as healing. I have seen improvement but I’m not sure what I’m doing so after my classes I know she will be better. As for people, I have a Parkinson’s client who got a treatment (taken from a book Scott recommended) and I was just informed the other day this client said she no longer wants to end her life with “that pill they can give you” and is dealing with the death of her son and has a new lease on life. She looks different and has more energy. My other client was flung from a tree and endured tremendous injuries. She is an open minded woman so was ok with me doing the light therapy on her. I watched tight muscles relax and she wrote me the next day to say she feels “Amazing;”. She felt it deeply in her body. Sometimes we think things have to be harsh or rough to work but that’s NOT the case. Since we are made of light and sound our body recognizes the light and it can be healed through it. Keep it simple because it’s really not complicated. I’d highly recommend this kit.

  3. Bill H

    Color therapy is wonderful. I feel I have much more positive energy. I am much more relaxed which makes me function better and more efficiently. I recommend the kit for anyone who wants to improve their outlook and feel better about daily living. It is truly remarkable. I recommend this for anyone even if you are content and happy with your life. It helps you maintain balance.

  4. Hailey M.

    I’ve really enjoyed using this color therapy kit. Each time I use it I can feel my body responding in a deep way. In comparison to another color therapy tool I’ve used, I prefer this one. Also, Scott has been very helpful in answering questions when I’ve had them. It’s a great tool from a great person – I look forward to continuing to use this.

  5. Michael B. (verified owner)

    An absolutely amazing journey it has been over the last year! Through this kit, Scott’s information, and my openness to create change in my life I was able to create a shift in my personal beliefs and emotions that led me to create rapid progress forward in my thought patterns, land a very fulfilling and freeing job, and help me continue to shape my thought process and work through a decades worth of buried grief. The biggest thing I felt was a new found way to clearly communicate emotions that for a LONG time I just couldn’t get off my tongue. All of the sudden I was able to recognize, address, and shift my thought process which enabled me to move forward and tackle what was next. This kit is the CHEAPEST and EASIEST way to access this very powerful form of medicine. Scott is very responsive and helpful. He sent me replacement batteries (DOA…it was the initial batch…..shit happens), replacement filters, expansion packs, and content through Instagram. Such a cool tool. It has been such a massive catalyst for change in my life, so much so that as a wellness practitioner I hope to continue to further my studies on light therapy and create change in the lives of my patients in the future. Thanks Scott!

  6. Daniel S

    This color light set is so Amazing!
    Such a simple and effective tool for physical, emotional, and mental healing. I have been on a healing journey most of my life, western medicine never offered me a solution for improving my health. The frequency science is evolving so rapidly and becoming more main stream. This color light set is a affordable and efficient tool for transforming on all levels and as the layers drop our continuousness also raises. Thank you Scott for being this into the hands of so many people.

  7. Victor Elmurr

    Scott’s color puncture kit is well worth the investment! Honestly I was skeptical at first due to the pen light not seeming as powerful as the other kits I’ve seen but once I purchased and started using Scott’s kit with consistency I started feeling tangible results. Absolutely would recommend purchasing this kit if anyone feels called and / or is on the fence about it.
    It works!

  8. Ivana Popratnjak (verified owner)

    Thank you, Scott, for the excellent customer service!! I bought this light a few months ago and i was only able to use the light setting on high. Scott offered me a free replacement. Regardless, I love this product and RYL because it makes colorpuncture accessible to more people and explains the therapy in simple terms.

  9. Giovana

    i love this kit! i’ve had it for over a year now and have used it consistently. when i first bought it, i was really glad it came with an information packet that explained the colors and went over basic treatments. this is a great affordable way to start your colorpuncture journey

  10. Kristine V (verified owner)

    Thank you Scott for always being such a pleasure to work with! You’ve always been available to help with any questions and provide awesome customer service. I love this cp tool and have used it quite frequently for about two years now. It is one of the best, affordable investments I’ve made in my healing journey. Highly recommend!

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