Here we’ll take a look at recent developments of the science of light therapy and science at the edge of our perception and understanding. This is where the line starts to blur between the physical and the metaphysical. There is so much to explore and the details can get very dense. I’ve tried to provide a summery that can point you toward the research if you want to look into more yourself.

Our bodies use information encoded in light to regulate our biological processes & even enhance spiritual connection & awareness.


Structured Water & Light

Mae Wan Ho & Emilio del Guidice have focused on quantum effects of structured water acting as liquid crystals in the body.

These create large Coherence Domains, which can provide methods for perfectly efficient energy transformation as well as communication within the body and with our environment at a level beneath protein signaling and electric nerve impulses as well as providing a method for the influence of light.

You can see the beautiful birefringence created between the interaction of light and the crystalline water structure of a fruit fly larvae that Ho imaged.

Claudio Messori builds on this work from a quantum electrodynamic (QED) lens to understand how these water structures affect long range communications via electromagnetic fields.

Water Sidebar in Images

“Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Model of a single water molecule.
Lattice formed by EZ water (including biological water)

EZ Water / biological water, maintains a lattice structure where the molecular composition of the lattice = H2O3 and the structure carries free electrons enabling communication in a coherent manner.

Protein encapsulated water. In dry conditions, subunit-c of ATP synthase forms a shell around water to prevent evaporation. These shells scanned under electron microscopes illustrate water structure and confirm cases of hexoganal order from the lattice examples above.
EZ water lattice carries a net charge of -1 (free electron per each hexagonal ring)
Models of 3-dimensional structured water clusters

Molecule Signaling & Water Memory

Del Guidice, Luc Montagnier, Cyril VV. Smith and others have also observed water’s ability to absorb and store information in the form of electromagnetic frequencies. This feature is the mechanism behind homeopathic remedies. Emitted frequencies can create structures in water that guide the formation and interaction of molecules.

It has also been shown that we can physically store emotional experiences within the water structure in our body’s fascia and there are entire therapeutic fields dedicated to body work aimed at releasing these encoded negative experiences.

“Recently a group led by Luc Montagnier, has reported that some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions. These waves are able to imprint pure water contained in nearby vessels so that similar sequences are able to grow up when the appropriate component molecules are poured in the liquid.”

The interplay of biomolecules and water at the origin of the active behavior of living organisms, Journal of Physics: Conference Series (9th International Frolich’s Symposium)


Photobiomodulation can regulate gene expression through what is called mitochondrial retrograde signaling. The function of the mitochondria affects how DNA functions and expresses.

DNA also emits EMFs. It is thought that water structure helps to guide processes related to DNA, including replication, protein synthesis and even which genes get expressed. Electromagnetic force through the medium of structured water provides one of the best explanations for protein folding and shape after synthesis.  

A commonality of many diseases is a breakdown in the structure of water (and charge) in and around our cells.

“Today we know that the DNA strand is surrounded and encased by layers of structured water and that it has a pillar of structured water layers through its central column. We also know that it is the relationship between DNA and the structured water surrounding it that is responsible for the DNA’s coiling, its conduction of lightening fast resonant frequency communications, the coherency of its electromagnetic field, and even its genetic information…

The level to which the water conducts and supports the DNA and its corresponding electromagnetic field is directly related to the geometric complexity of its structure.

Additionally… the structure of the water surrounding proteins and DNA determines the ultimate expression of shape that protein or DNA exhibits… The higher the complexity of the structure, the stronger the electromagnetic field, which indicates higher energy potential and information transfer as well as greater efficiency and cellular function.”

Water Codes – Dr. Carly Nuday


Biophotons are spectra of light emitted on a small scale by biological processes generally near the visible spectrum, discovered by Alexander Gurwitsch in the 1920s (working w/ plants).

Fritz Albert Popp and his research team at the University of Marburg starting in the 1970s, first noticed that certain carcinogens acted as ‘light scramblers’ in biological systems, taking in and altering certain wavelengths of light. They indicated a primary source of biophoton emissions to be DNA.

Biophoton emissions follow set patterns creating biological rhythms and rhythms in tune with cyclical patterns in our universe like day and night. Several living species he has studied absorb biophotons from each other as well as light from their environments (something like this is obvious in how plants move toward solar photons).

EMFs & Classical Chinese Medicine

Light also influences standing electromagnetic waves that serve to regulate our bodies and correspond to the acupuncture meridians of Classical Chinese Medicine (Chianglin Zhang – Invisible Rainbow).

Acupuncture itself achieves at least part of its affect through these standing electromagnetic waves and there is an extensive practice, particularly in Europe of electroacupuncture.

The standing wave pattern on rectangular plates change when a hole is added to a plate. This illustrates, in a very basic way, how an acupuncture needle would affect standing electromagnetic waves in the human body.
Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann (University of Marburg)

It is well researched that acupuncture points have dramatically reduced electrical resistance and higher electrical potential compared to the surrounding skin. The meridians also have greater conductivity and lower resistance than the nearby skin.

In closing

“Light is life. This is not a belief system but something that is confirmed by science. Specifically, light is present in the communication between cells in the body, and illness occurs when the cells can no longer speak the same language. Giving light to the body has a resonance effect, bringing cells into the same language again, and thus supporting the body’s natural healing process.”

Peter Mandel (1986), developer of Colorpuncture color therapy system

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