How can you overcome anxiety with Colorpuncture?

Almost everyone I know deals with anxiety at some point or another. But it doesn’t have to be a fact of life. We can learn where those feelings are coming from and what they mean.

Below is a paragraph I wrote in 2014. This was still towards the beginning of my healing journey. I had already more than a decade of suffering and spiraling to darker and darker places. 

“Sometimes my head explodes. Or at least that’s what it feels like. It’s like a never ending stream of thoughts jumbled and multiplied through a whole river delta. Words mashed around replacing each other, spinning and shifting, ideas I think, supposedly, allegedly, twisted and tied with intensely amplified emotion of darkest fear and pain and rarer, aim and fervor – they chain me to my mind, a prisoner in my body, puppeteer being mastered by the puppet.”

Scott Kesselman (2014)

Though I had very little idea what was actually going on with me, I had a sense that my body was in control of my mind. The patterns and trauma that had accumulated in my bioenergetic templates made it impossible to translate information I was receiving from my higher consciousness. This connection was distorted so much that it left me confused, without guidance, scattered, fearful, anxious and depressed.

Colorpuncture Practice

Using Colorpuncture helped me to understand the root of my symptoms. It revealed the experiences throughout my life that caused me to embody a lens that conflicted with my own true nature. These patterns I built up caused information to get stuck. Colorpuncture provided a practice for digging into these past experiences. I finally saw what had shaped my outlook and formed the basis for my reactions. This allowed me to shift my energetic output to get out of negative feedback loops I was keeping myself in. 

I was able to repattern my behavior and reactions, correct the distortions carried in my body and allow a clear stream of consciousness to come through. Artful action and experience could finally take shape. I could finally tap into my higher intelligence and begin to live each day and each moment with intention, rather than just hanging on and getting through.

I used to be filled with doubt about everything I was doing. Now I trust myself completely and am excited to craft each and every day.

This does not mean you won’t have hard days. Or that you don’t need to experience hard days to continue to learn lessons and grow. I’ve noticed that when I’ve felt so good and aligned that I neglect my Colorpuncture practice, subtle clouds of doubt and confusion come into play again and I have a harder time acting purposefully.

It is amazing how Colorpuncture really shines a light on your shadows and illuminates your path forward. Because I know that I have this tool in my arsenal, even when doubt creeps in it doesn’t lead to anxiety. I’ve overcome anxiety because I am just excited for the learning experience that I now know I can master.

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