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This is just for the gray expansion filter and guide for the RYL Color Therapy Kit. You can also purchase the complete set with gray expansion.

In colorpuncture, gray light affects the whole person at the levels of mind, body and soul and helps reconnect a disregulated physical structure to its original, healthy information structure.

In more spiritual terms, it can help to align the hologram and body/cellular memory with our own unique blueprint for information flow from our higher aspects. Gray light helps us connect with and protect that information stream from all of the noise we encounter everyday.

Gray treatments can also bring up powerful emotions and memories and help us to understand how those experiences have shaped our belief systems and subsequent experience of life. This gives us the opportunity to lean in to often unsettling tendencies and reevaluate our programs and how we relate physically and emotionally to the subject at hand so we can evolve and expand through more empowering beliefs.


Kit includes:

User guide including several powerful techniques to get you started!

The gray expansion set, which comes with a gray filter to make light, medium and dark gray colors for advanced colorpuncture treatments. Gray filter comes in small travel bag and includes it’s own guide.


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