A reframe for this particular category of dis-ease

How can we begin understanding mental illness in a way that promotes healing?

Modern medicine, particularly in the area of mental health, tells us that there is something wrong with us. That we are flawed and that we need an outside source to fix us.

This serves to reinforce traumas of our childhood when our identity is crushed with the indication that, when we act up or not according to the standards of adults, something is “wrong with us.”

It plays into our programs that tell us we should seek validation in others and that we need their approval; that we look outside us for our worth and let other people control our power.

Our understanding of mental illness is that we have an imbalance or that we can’t handle our lives. It disempowers the very people that need to be reminded of theirs the most.

Nothing is wrong with you.


You are perfect as you are—you just have to practice seeing it.

Everything you need exists within you. You do not need to be fixed — you just have to listen really carefully to what aches, so it can tell you what to do. You and your body are profoundly wise and capable. 

We all have this power. Energy medicine does not seek to take that away. It does not say you need to be fixed or even that anything else will improve your situation. 

The paradigm I subscribe to says that you and your body have all the intelligence you need and more to heal and live life to the fullest.  You can find so much more progress if you learn to listen to these signals and let your higher self guide you, rather than external information that takes away your power.

However, if we remain stuck in our habits; if we take this medicine for our pain and that medicine for our fears, then we will never be happy and free—because pain and fear will always return.

Peter Mandel

Light therapies have helped me, far more than anything else, to see the light in myself and overcome the mental and emotional barriers that used to plague my existence. It has opened up my innate ability to heal. It is not a magic pill.

It is a process.

It is highly personal and progress may not come easily, but I have never felt better emotionally and physically. And I have never encountered a tool and methodology for so thoroughly understanding ‘mental illness’ and transforming into a profound beacon for change.

You have this power too.

Don’t wait to start loving and believing in yourself. You are perfect as you are.

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