Simple technique to regulate emotions and bring you energy and joy

Though I call this technique “Third Eye Color Point,” rather than referring to the Third Eye Chakra or energy center, it utilizes a more explicit point from colorpuncture referred to as the Limbic point, useful helping to regulate the Limbic system. The Limbic system is comprised of brain structures that form the basis for our emotional regulation and memories. This particular technique will not only help to center you and promote joy, but can help to regularize fatigue and exhaustion, particularly if experienced regularly in the morning.


Locate the point on the midline of your forehead, 1 index finger width above your eyebrows.

With the soft end of a pencil or your finger, gently massage for about 1 minute in a counter-clockwise circle (from your own perspective).

Now close your eyes and imagine a bright orange light streaming from the tip of your finger (or the pencil). Image the bright orange light streaming into your forehead and begin filing you with peace and joy. The glowing light fills your head, then begins to flow down your shoulders and cascades down the rest of your body until you are completely filled with the glow of this joyful orange light.

The accompanying video will walk you through the steps, but is a little rushed (Instagram 1 minute limit!). I recommend learning the processes and then taking yourself through it on your own without following along to the video or the instructions. 

This way you can take the time to be still and focus on the visualization of the light. 

The more you practice, the better you will get at visualizing the light and the more effective this will become. You can also enhance the exercise with the application of colored light using specific tools.

Alternate Version for Anxiety or Depression

You can also use violet in this visualization instead of orange to calm and center your system. 

Imagine that the violet light fills you up with a calming presence that puts you in touch with your true, beautiful nature, unobscured by the obstacles and challenges of your life.

Violet represents the color of the crown chakra and is associated with spirituality, awareness and consciousness. It is regarded as a color of inspiration and has a positive effect on the lymphatic system, which solidifies our programs and emotions within the physical body.

This technique can start to help us dissociate from these ‘negative’ emotions so that we can better understand their origin and shift to heal them at their root.

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