We wouldn’t be here without the sun. It’s the most important light we can immerse ourselves in on Earth.
There are agendas that try to dim your light by treating sunlight as a poison; a carcinogen that must be avoided. But a life without the sun is not a life at all.

We need the sun. Even if you are extremely pale, you will benefit greatly from brief periods of natural (no artificial ‘protectants) exposure to sunlight. Preferably around midday believe it or not because of the higher ratio of UVB to UVA that reaches you at that time.

Sometimes the sky is gray and overcast. In some places it may be hard to get sun in your life at all. Pale skin in places further from the equator is adapted to make as much use of sunlight and produce as much vitamin D as possible because of how important it is for our health.

But what can we do to brighten up on cloudy days?


Personal Sun

Take a look at this image.

Close your eyes and imagine you are facing upward into a bright, warm, sunny day with this beautiful sun in your focus.
Reach out with your mind and grab hold of that sun. Take a deep breath of the light from this sun and draw its energy into your heart. Hold it there and charge the sun’s energy.

Now exhale the sun energy throughout every cell in your body. Imagine the sun’s energy and warmth infusing each part of you. Do this a few times until you embody the warmth and light from this amazing source.

And may you shine brighter no matter what the clouds bring.

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